Since last fall, a small group of young adults have been meeting to discuss shared experiences as siblings/family members of people with intellectual & developmental disabilities. This group hopes to hear from other sibs to learn about issues and topics that are on your mind, and possibly expand participation through information-sharing, happy hours, and other events. Please take this quick survey to help continue our work. Thank you!

- Anna, Anni, Alicia, Beth, Bryan, Guthrie, and Nick
Are there any issues/topics related to your sibling’s life that you would like more information about? *

Is your sibling their own guardian? *

If not, who is their guardian?

How old are you? *

Are you engaged in any other groups for people whose siblings have disabilities? *

If yes, how are you involved?

If yes, what are the names of those groups?

Are you interested in connecting with a new sibling network supported by The Arc Minnesota? *

If so, what are you interested in?

So we can follow up if you’d like, please leave any contact information you’re comfortable with sharing (your contact information will not be shared with any external groups/organizations).


Email address

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Phone number (call preferred)

Write anything else you want to share (What’s the best thing about being the sibling of someone with a disability? What’s the most challenging thing? Etc.)

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