"It was great. It was delicious. It was like life-changing."
Cow Tipping student

Summer 2017 open enrollment Cow Tipping classes will be held at Macalester College (1600 Grand Ave) in St. Paul on Tuesdays:
Tuesday, May 30
Tuesday, June 6
Tuesday, June 13
Tuesday, June 20
Tuesday, June 27

They run from 6-8 pm. Cost is $30 and space is limited. Classes concludes with book publication and author reading event.

Register by Wednesday, May 24 (rolling admissions, so the sooner the better) to secure your spot!

More information at: http://cowtippingpress.org/take-our-classes
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Our open enrollment registration fee is $30. You can pay via this Paypal link:


Alternatively, we can also accept checks made out to "Cow Tipping Press." Email for instructions.

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Royalties in prior semesters have averaged $3.08 per student.

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I will strive to attend all classes and our author reading event. If I have any direct support professional needs, I will attend with the staff necessary to meet them. I grant license for Cow Tipping Press to reproduce and distribute my writing. I understand I will be given two complimentary copies of our class's published work and royalties compensation as per the above. I grant permission for photos of my likeness taken during this class to be used for promotional purposes.
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