"I've learned more about social justice work and artistic diversity here than in any of the classes I'm taking for my degree."
- Cow Tipping teacher

Cow Tipping Press seeks up to six teachers for its Summer 2017 semester. Training dates are the Monday mornings of May 22, June 26, and July 31 (unless all teachers agree on better times). Class dates and times are negotiable, within reasonable limits (we're into making it work!).

Apply before Wednesday, May 10 (rolling admissions, so the sooner the better) and you'll hear from us soon!

More information at: http://cowtippingpress.org/join-our-team
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Teaching with Cow Tipping Press can be difficult, rewarding, unpredictable, fun. Why do you want to do it? (150 words or less) *

Our curriculum offers a standard structure, yet asks teachers to innovate on it with their own ideas for texts and writing prompts. What's one curricular idea you'd like to use in your class? (150 words or less) *

Please copy and paste a sample of your own literary writing. (500 words or less) *

Share what times of the week you're able to teach in June and July. *

Note: We understand schedules can be tight. If you're hired, we'll work hard to confirm times that work best for both you and students.

Do you have access to a car? *

How did you learn about Cow Tipping Press? *

Read and review the following terms (only applicable if hired, just easier to get it out of the way now) and you're set! *

If hired, I can attend teacher training commitments on the Monday evenings of May 22, June 26, and July 31 (or work collectively to arrange alternatives). I realize organizational partners are counting on me to provide quality classes, so will strive to deliver! I understand that specific dates and locations for classes will be arranged as amenably and quickly as possible in the hiring process. I know that this position offers a $150 stipend for full classes, $75 for micro classes, up to $50 reimbursement for travel to/from classes, and two complimentary copies of my students' published work. I grant permission for photos taken during Cow Tipping Press programming to be used for promotional purposes.
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